Going visual: the video blog series begins

1 December, 2011

With 19 days of background filming in hand for The Expanding Light - Ananda Movie, and thousands of photos and hours of footage in the film archives (only a small portion of which will be included in the final cut of the film), we now begin to make some of this material available to you through a series of "video blogs".

While the main camera crew filmed the interviews, events and background footage, a second crew followed them and recorded the "back stage" moments. Alex Nicolaou, son of writer-director Ted Nicolaou, was part of the back stage team. He worked with Bryan McSweeney, the official video cameraman who travels with Kriyananda, recording all of his talks, events, and television shows.

The movie crew

The movie crew

Each blog will be two to three minutes in length, based on a narrative theme that highlights various aspects of the production. The first blog introduces the project through interviews with co-producers Shivani Lucki and Nandini Cerri, and includes some fascinating archival footage of Kriyananda and Ananda from the 1970s. The next video blog will appear around the New Year.

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  1. Dr. Jayaprakash says:

    It’s a good news to hear about the ananda movie. I’am eagerly waiting to watch it

  2. mary mintey says:

    I can hardly wait until these are made public. I know it will make an incredible impact on our work here, and will open to the world more than ever, Yoganand’s teachings. It’s a great work!

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